Sri Vidya Upasana

The core philosophy of Lalita cult is centered on Samaiyachara Sri Vidya, the blossoming of knowledge with the elimination of ignorance from within. The legend of Lalita cult throws light on the invincible nature of Sri Vidya that leads to the ultimate realization. It is the realization of the soul through synthesis and reconciliation. She is the infinite and eternal supreme Bliss. She induces the intuitive knowledge of God, which is herself.

Sri Lalita cult is the harmonious blend of all paths of spirituality which is called as “Samarasamarga” and inculcates the healthy physical and moral life with truth and love. Sri Vidya shows the path for transcendence within this world. There is no discrimination of caste, creed or gender in Lalita cult. It proclaims that one who has not refrained from evil acts and who has no peace of mind and self control cannot realize God by any means.