Welcome to the Vedic Retreat 2018.

  • Are you a lover of mother nature?
  • Do you see the divine love of cosmic mother in every thing?
  • Have you studied any guided meditation or secret of visualization?
  • Are you a yoga teacher or practioner?
  • Are you a reiki or pranic healer?
  • Are you a lover of mystical sciences like astrology, occultism and allied subjects?
  • Do you want to explore the secrets of Sri Yantra and reach abundance of wealth, health and prosperity?
  • Do yo seek a one step solution for all your problems?
  • Do you need a break and relaxation?
  • Are you interested to visit a place if serenity and peace with mother nature's healing breez?
  • Do you feel that you need a shift in your spiritual pursuit to higher planes of self realization?
  • Then you are the right person to attend this 10 days course exclusively designed for you.

Sri Vidya (Samayachara) Meditation Course from 21st April to 30th April 2018 @ Sri Lalithambika Temple, Coimbatore 641108.
Conducted by : Swami Jagadatmananda Saraswati.

Course Contents

Sri Vidya (Samayachara) Meditation Level 1 to 5 with Ganapathi, Bala and Pachadashi mantra initiation.

Those who have completed 5 Levels are eligible for attending the following levevls.

  • Level 6 : Matruka Akshara Sadana
  • Level 7 : Thithi Nithya Sadana
  • Level 8 : Dasha Maha Vidya Sadana
  • Level 9 : Vari Vasya Rahasyam
  • Level 10 : Maha Vakya Upadesha

Donation for course, acommodation and food Rs.15000/- only.

Please send your interest and request for participation to g@srilalithambika.org

Early Booking is appreciated.

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