Sri Dhanakarshana LakshmiNarayana Kubera Puja


Sri Lalithambika Temple

09 - 19, October 2018



Praying Sri Lakshmi Narayana & Kubera

From the Vedic wisdom, it is believed that Lord Vishnu came to this world as “Srinivasa” and married Sri Padmavati Devi. During this event, Lord Srinivasa obtained a loan from Lord Kubera (The Lord of Wealth) to meet the expenses for his wedding as well as to provide proof of his wealth. He also agreed to Sri Kubera that his loan will be repaid by the end of Kaliyuga (the fourth and present age of the world cycle of ages) with the necessary interest. It is said that Lord Srinivasa is still paying the interest on date that was committed.

Praying to Sri Lakshmi, Lord Narayana and Sri Kubera helps in managing the financial transactions in the proper way. This worship also brings prosperity, fame, wealth, divine happiness, mental spiritual satisfaction, to overcome debts and materialistic comforts.

Sri Dhanakarshana Lakshmi Narayana Kubera Puja – Laksha Japa & Yagna (Homa)

With the divine guidance of Swami Sri Jagadathmananda Saraswati, Sri Dhanakarshana Lakshmi Narayana Kubera Puja is performed by professional Acharyas (priests) to attract wealth and to enhance the prosperity in the family.

The puja is performed by chanting 1,00,008 japas and homas by 40+ priests during the Navaratri Mahotsav of Sri Lalithambika Temple. These make the possibilities more powerful and energize the prarthana (prayer).

Enables to relieve from debt.
The source of income and wealth is increased to many folds.
Enables wealth accumulation.
Career related problems are reduced and removed.
Enhances business growth.


Gold Coin of Goddess Sri Lakshmi
Gold Plated Sri Dhanarshana Kubera Yantra
Five Metal Sri Yantra – Maha Meru
Gold Plated Amla fruit
Prasada Bag with energized Pocket sized – Kubera Yantra, Thamboola and Sweet

*each prasada is given for each slot. Refer the brochure for more information. 

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